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Protective gear

Here is a list of gear useful when practicing Krav Maga. The first section lists all the gears that every student should have. The second is recommended gear that is mandatory for the advanced class. All students who intend to train seriously should possess the gear in this list too. The second section lists optional gears.

There is a bunch of places where you can get the gear. Here are couple of places in no specific order:


Groin guard

This is the number one protective gear that you need to practice Krav Maga.


Many practitioner like steel protection. That said cheaper ones are also suitable and may even have the advantage of protecting a wider area.

Here are examples of a steel and more basic cup.

Steel Cup Groin Guard

Basic Groin Guard


Women too need protection. Most protection aren't steel protection and a more basic one is usually good enough.

Shin guard

Shin guards are handy protections while practicing defenses against kicks as well as when we are sparring.

There is mainly 2 types.

Some protects the shin only. The foot is still exposed but they come with the advantage of being easier to carry.

Some protects the shin as well as the foot. They provide more coverage.

MMA gloves

MMA gloves are handy for light sparring and when we decide to work with more intensity. Any brand will do. Here is a simple example.

There is mainly 2 types.

KMG T-Shirt

Krav Maga Global t-shirt are the official training shirt. They are sold for 60NZD each. Just ask me and I'll get them from our director for you.


Mouth guard

Any mouth guard will do. There are many brands and price.

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are used for hard sparring, practicing shielding defenses against strong attacks. They also come handy while doing some strike work, to avoid changing pads multiple time.

Any brand or model with a 16oz level of protection will do.


KMG Shorts

These shorts are handy to train, especially in warm weather.

KMG Trousers

Especially ideal when working on the ground. The trousers will protect you from small burns.

Chest guard

Krav Maga is contact activity and some techniques require close proximity with your partner. Some women may feel more comfortable wearing protection. This comes handy when sparring.

I found 2 types of protections: one piece or with inserts.

Breast Guard - Cool guard type

Econoguard Breast & Chest Protector

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