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Class Structure & Progression

Class Structure

Warm-up (~15 min)

This is the most important part. It includes cardio to elevate your heart rate, joint and muscle work, and a bit of mindset preparation to get you mentally ready.

Striking combination (~20 min)

We focus on footwork, strikes, combinations, and a bit of conditioning. Remember, it's about exploring options and finding what works best for you. Use what you like in your self-defense training. 

Self-defense (~30 min)

Each class focuses on a specific self-defense family (e.g.: defending chokes or defending straight punches), helping you understand the principles behind it and make meaningful connections.

Summary (~10 min)

We integrate all elements of the class, challenging you to make decisions under stress.


To ensure coherent progression, each day of the week focuses on a different family or sub-family. This way, those training once a week can stick to the same day for consistent progress, while those training more frequently can explore multiple families concurrently. Rest assured, we'll cover all families over time. Of course, if you can’t make it on your usual day, come another day.

Once we have enough P1/P2 students (see KMG grading system), we’ll start to split the classes into groups to allow different focuses and intensity levels between beginners and more advanced students. This split will happen for the self-defense & summary part of the class. 


The curriculum has clear requirements with regards to the conditioning required for each level. While classes will help initially, meeting these requirements will eventually be up to you. Keep this in mind as you train.

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