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Have you ever felt unsafe?

We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and empowered.

Defend yourself

In self-defense we assume that you start the confrontation in a position of disadvantage. Someone is choking you, or someone is attacking you with a tool such as a baseball bat. The first part consist in defending that position.


After your initial response, if your opponent still has the ability and desire to hurt you (or if there are multiple opponents), the situation will evolve into a proper fight. Your attacker(s) won't be surprise by your reactions anymore.

Protect others

The same techniques, tactics, skills and strategies can be applied to defend someone. Protecting others is an integral part of Krav Maga.

We care about your safety

"Now I feel safe when I'm walking on my own at night or in new environments. I know when I need to be more alert and what to look for."

Amy Wang

"Training has taught me how important de-escalating is. I have developed a different mindset when it comes to interacting with people."

Scott Harding

Empowering Self-Defense

Understand the law in New Zealand

In this FREE PDF, learn the 5 key principles, essential for understanding the legal framework around Self-Defense in New Zealand

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At Krav Maga West Auckland we know that you want to be safe. In order to do that, you need be able to handle dangerous situations. The problem is that you don't know how to defend yourself which makes you feel vulnerable. We believe everybody should be able to live a peaceful life.

We understand how it is to feel vulnerable which is why we teach authentic Krav Maga, the most efficient system of self-defense, fighting skills, and protection of others. Our Krav Maga Global certified instructors will train you technically and tactically on how to prevent, avoid, de-escalate or deal with violent confrontation according to the law. Our physical and mental training will give you the necessary skills and abilities to defend yourself.

Here's how you get started: 1. Book a trial and see how effective Krav Maga is. 2. Join the school and start training weekly. 3. Grow your skills and confidence.

So, book your free trial now. And in the meantime, download "Empowering Self-Defense: Understand the law in New Zealand", our free PDF that will teach you the key elements you need to understand about the law in New Zealand. So you can stop feeling unsafe and instead live your life as you want to.

Free PFD Self-defens & Law Form

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